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President Matewsky is calling for better relations than with the current President

Encore Boston Harbor President Brian Gullbrants will step down from his role as President of Everett Resort Casino in late July, and Encore’s current Executive Vice President of Operations, Jenny Holaday, will become the casino’s next President on August 1st.
Holaday, an East Boston resident, has been EPP of Operations since 2019 and has excelled before and during post-pandemic rebuilding. She becomes the third president of Encore Boston Harbor since its inception.
In her current position, she directs all marketing functions including advertising, direct and database marketing, casino marketing, analytics, promotions, special events, entertainment, player development and Wynn Rewards, the company’s loyalty program. She is also responsible for overseeing the entire casino operations for the resort.
Gullbrants is reportedly returning to Las Vegas operations after a good run at Encore that began in October 2019 when former President Bob DeSalvio was suddenly ousted from office. Gullbrants has been EVP of Operations since moving to Boston in 2017 and starting the pre-opening rounds in May 2018. By that time he had moved from Las Vegas to Boston.

Encore Executive Vice President of Operations Jenny Holaday will become the third President of Encore Boston Harbor on August 1, with current President Brian Gullbrants returning to operations in Las Vegas. Gullbrants has been at the helm for nearly two years and has steered the resort through the COVID-19 pandemic. Holaday has been in her current role since 2019.

During his tenure, Gullbrants began to tailor Encore to better serve the greater Boston area – and it has been a success according to several investor calls over the past few quarters.
Holaday joined Encore and brought an extensive background in the casino industry to her role.
She has lived and worked in eight different gaming regions from the East Coast to Nevada and many places in between. She began her career in loyalty marketing before moving to large-scale retail marketing and eventually moving into senior real estate businesses. She has held executive positions at companies such as Harrah’s, Caesars and Mandalay Resort Group, and has launched two company-wide casino player programs. In 2016, she left the gaming industry to embark on a new career path as a marketing and operations consultant and to support millennials in their professional development. However, she was drawn back into the gaming industry in 2019 when she joined Encore.
When she’s not on the property, Holaday says she enjoys cooking and playing golf. She said she loves hanging out and dating her two adult children, Joel and Scout, and currently lives in East Boston with her dog, Snoopy.
In the coming weeks, she will meet with members of the Everett City Council to create a new and, according to the City Council, better relationship than she had with Gullbrants.
Council President Wayne Matewsky was quite critical at the council meeting on Monday about the lack of relationship between the Encore president and the members of the city council. He said they had a productive and great relationship with DeSalvio during his time at the helm, but no member has ever really met Gullbrants, he said.
“Nobody here has been officially introduced to Encore President Brian Gullbrants,” he said. “I find it very unusual that the largest employer and landowner in the community hasn’t reached out to the city’s fathers and mothers. I find it strange. “
Matewsky said he conducted a poll of members and none of the 11 had been introduced or knew Gullbrants. He hoped the new president would get along better with the council.
“We always heard from Mr. DeSalvio and he reached out to us monthly,” said Matewsky. “Even a small restaurant here in the city has a little more savoir-faire than what we’ve seen … We’ll have a different relationship with Ms. Holaday and I’ll take care of that.”
He said the council had scheduled a meeting with her at the property in late June.

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