Everett Council, Dist. 1: Incumbent not responsive to voters


We receive mailings from office holders who boast of their experience and many positions. Apparently they think things are going well, but not that way. Indeed, the incumbents are part of the problem.

An incumbent councilor boasts of being on the committee for the introduction of the light rail to Everett and proudly says the light rail will arrive in 2041. A few decades ago when the original proposal was approved by voters (who have since paid taxes on it). it should be here by now. However, the incumbent thinks frequent delays and waiting 20 years past the original opening date is good news. Is it effective? That “experience” certainly didn’t help the Everett people.

Another problem in Everett is homelessness. In March, our downtown church wrote a letter signed by the pastor and the mayor (me) to each city council member and the mayor stating that the homeless have no toilets.

More than half a year later, none of them answered. At a meeting a few weeks later, city officials indicated that the provision of toilets was the responsibility of the churches, not the city. Huh?

The solution to this and other problems is new civil servants.

We support Mary Fosse for the city council because she has all the qualifications but is not part of the good old boys network. She is one of the people who talks to ordinary people.

Trygve Anderson


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