Patient-first approach helps Everett doctor provide custom care

Dr. Vince Montes joined the University of Washington to study in 2009 and loved it so much that he decided to call Snohomish County home. Here he raised his children and firmly rooted them.

Coming from the arid desert of the southwestern United States didn’t go well with Dr. Montes’ passion for boating and the water. But the Pacific Northwest, with its abundance of water, “is a dream come true,” he says.

It is this love for his community that also drives Dr. Montes drives. “The best thing is to help people in the community I love.”

Exceptional care

After a time as a researcher in his field at the university and a further teaching position there, Dr. Montes joined his private practice in 2015. After five years as a hospital doctor, he now chooses an independent practice to provide patients with more resources and more exceptional care.

He has dedicated his career to patient care in his specialty, endocrine and metabolic disorders, and particularly diabetes, with the Western Washington Medical Group.

Prevention and care are key to controlling many diseases, and Dr. Montes and its staff understand and believe in the importance of providing comprehensive, conscientious, and compassionate care that is appropriate to the individual.

Professional support is essential

Diabetes is a condition that affects many people and is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. What is very challenging for many people to do with what they might think is Type II diabetes when it might actually be Type I diabetes. Formerly known as “juvenile diabetes”, this condition can manifest itself at any age and does not necessarily only appear in childhood. This makes a huge difference in the approach to care and management of the condition and underscores why specialist care is essential.

With type II diabetes, there is a common misconception that medication should always be handled, but with proper care and a management plan that includes diet and exercise, the condition can be reversed – in some cases without surgery.

Dr. Montes knows that controlling blood sugar is a critical factor for his patients in enabling them to live their best lives.

Other hormone-related health problems

While diabetes is an all too common condition, many other hormone-related health problems can require specialized medical treatment. Western Washington Medical Group Endocrinology provides expert treatment for thyroid and adrenal problems, osteoporosis, metabolism, sex hormones and low testosterone.

You strive for personal care and offer excellent patient results and a high level of patient satisfaction.

The Western Washington Medical Group is conveniently located at 8423 Mukilteo Speedway, No. 102, Mukilteo, WA 98275.

To book an appointment or for more information, visit the website here or call 425-412-4311

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