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Today, Apple TV + Foundation, the sprawling science fiction epic based on, launches Isaac Asimovgroundbreaking book series.

Executive produced by David S. Goyer, the show, dubbed “Game of Thrones in space” by some, revolves around an almighty, dynastic galactic empire and a mathematician who, like all empires, predicts it is doomed.

Goyer told ABC Audio that he was asked years ago to adapt the foundation’s books but didn’t think a movie could capture them – but it’s perfect for a streaming series.

“I first read it when I was 13,” Goyer said of Asimov’s groundbreaking work. “My father gave it to me. He said, “This is the greatest science fiction work of all time.” No pressure, ”he laughs. “Before he died, he said, ‘I want you to do foundation.’ No pressure.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Lee Pace plays Brother Day, one in a family line-up of emperors who sees the math genius, played by the Chernobyl Emmy winner Jared Harris, as a threat.

“I wasn’t good at math,” Harris admitted, noting that he had long, “challenging” math monologues to do. Fortunately, he is a seasoned Shakespeare actor and, as such, has experience with complicated language. “Yeah, that’s what I used a lot of my theater training to do,” says Harris.

The role was a blast for Pace. “It’s … surreal … to play the Emperor of the Galaxy …[He] is someone who … has power over life and death … prosperity and failure. The best metaphor I could find for him is that he is like the sun of the Milky Way. Everything revolves around him. “

Pace adds with a laugh, “His ego is the size of the galaxy. Is it fun to play? Absolutely. Absolutely!”

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