Letter: Street violence in Seattle? Nothing to see here | Opinion

To the editor – I don’t know about you. The street violence we see makes me sick. A recent brutal ambush in broad daylight of a visitor to Seattle’s Mt. You probably saw it. The victim was senselessly punched in the head with kicks and trampled, then methodically robbed as if it were the most banal sequence on an ordinary day. The camera recorded everything as a voyeur.

The meanness of our streets is compounded by our passivity and the banality of today’s urban thugs. Our senses are dull and our reactions are useless. Indifference is security.

Many will refuse to have a discussion. You are dumb. You are offended that Seattle should be involved. They will avert their eyes, refuse to look, acknowledge what is happening, and even deny what is untenable, sheer aggression. They will try to change the subject.

“Here’s how we solve it! We’ll change the subject.”

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