LA Rams get to meet former TE Gerald Everett twice in 2021

Some sports (well, I use the term loosely) rely on the hero against the heel to keep fans interested. Fringe sports such as WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) or UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) depend on an emotional bond with the fan base in order to boost ticket and merchandise sales. Of course, there is lesson here for the mainstream sports, and it seems at least one rival is taking advantage of this hero-to-heel transition.

The moment former LA Rams tight-end Gerald Everett signed with rival Seattle Seahawks, he was making some cheap attempts to attract his new fan base by casting the Rams’ shadow. This is all fun and games, except that he signed a year-long evidencing contract in Seattle. He must prove himself worthy of a long-term contract. Dismissing your former team doesn’t seem like a good place to start.

Excited to join the Hawks and be able to join something special. Seattle, can’t wait to see you & the 12 You will get everything 💚💙.

– Gerald Everett (@ lightningstrk12) March 18, 2021

Of course, he’ll have this chance to prove himself when he competes against his former team twice in the 2021 NFL season. The first meet will be on Thursday night football on October 7, 2021 at 5:20 p.m. PT when the Rams travel to Seattle. If that fails, he will have another bang to intimidate the LA Rams defenses by showing up at SoFi Stadium on December 19, 2021 at 1:25 p.m. PT.

Of course he could show up this year and play well.

Unrealized potential

But much of its production has been dependent on head coach Sean McVay’s offensive playbook. You see, McVay put it wide, narrow, as an H-back, a power-back, a full-back and sometimes even a real tight end. In four seasons with the Rams, he caught 127 of 204 passes for 1,389 yards and eight touchdowns. Yes, he had potential. But that never seemed to develop on the Rams Offensive, despite the many looks and opportunities it was used on the Rams Offensive.

The Seattle Seahawks love to throw to the end, so Everett has landed on one of the best possible teams for his promotion back to the NFL. And yet it would have made more sense to show off on the soccer field. You see, his only performance of more than 100 yards occurred against the Seattle Seahawks on October 3, 2019, when he showed a performance of 7 of 11.136 yards. Maybe it was this game that got Seattle to sign him. The Rams lost this game by 30:29.

Everett seemed to thrive on the Rams offensive when rarely attacked. With five or more attacks in a game, he caught 19 of 33 passes with a completion rate of 57.5 percent.

Of course, many of his former teammates are still in the Rams defense and no doubt are well versed in how to defend him. And based on his social media statements when he signed with the Seahawks, he’ll likely be back on social media as the Seahawks prepare to take on the Rams. The old Hero versus the Heel strategy sells tickets and merchandise, but it’s a Ponzi formula. You know, Gerald Everett has a one-year contract. Once the Seattle Seahawks land in his rearview mirror, he’ll slam the Seahawks and welcome the opportunity to join the next something special.

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