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Everett primaries

EVERETT – The results of the first night’s primaries show that Don Schwab and Lacey Sauvegeau may be the ones to run against City Council District 3 in the November general election. It is a little more unclear who will advance to council district 5.

Schwab had 1,770 votes, or about 73% of the vote, in the first night’s results on Tuesday, August 3. In second place was Lacey Sauvageau, who had 445 votes, or about 18% of the vote, in the first night’s results. Jacob Vail received less than 10 percent of the vote.

There were about 10,400 possible ballots within the circle that have not yet been counted.
Vail hoped for a turnaround.
“I’m a wait and see guy,” said Vail, who is currently third in the City Council District 3 race. Vail hopes things will recover. He told the Tribune that he predicted the first night’s results wouldn’t be strong as he spent a total of $ 600 on his campaign, all out of pocket and with little publicity. “I’m very confident that we can recover and fill this gap,” said Lacey Saveageau, who currently has 258 votes more than Vail from the first night’s results.

It was a little more unclear who will advance to Council District 5. The district includes Silver Lake and the eastern portion of the Twin Creeks and Cascade View neighborhoods.

Ben Zarlingo is currently leading the race with 47% or 842 votes. The candidates Demi Chatters and Kelly Fox fought a close battle for second place. Chatters leads Fox with 54 votes.

There were about 10,475 possible ballots in the district that have not yet been counted.

In the school board’s elementary school, incumbent Traci Mitchell and challenger Charles Mister Jr. led ahead of third-placed Janelle Burke.
Burke is currently behind Mister with 755 votes, a decrease of five percentage points.

This race could swing: around 71,743 potential ballot papers have not yet been counted.

The total participation in these races fluctuated between 16% and 20% depending on the location. The District 3 race had seen a 19% turnout through Tuesday, August 3. The turnout grows over time.

The next ballot counting takes place on Wednesday evening at 5.30 p.m.

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