Everett Briscoe murder: Judge sets bond for Frederick Jackson at $2 million in connection with New Orleans officer’s killing

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – The bond issue for one of two men accused of killing an off duty police officer in New Orleans has been fixed at $ 2 million.

Frederick Jackson, 19, appeared in court overnight to hear the charges against him in connection with the shooting of Everett Briscoe in a restaurant in the Galleria area.

Jackson and Anthony Jenkins, 21, are both charged with capital murder.
“I will set the bond at $ 2 million for this case,” the judge said during the hearing. “I do not affirm any personal commitment for the interests and safety of the community, for the safety of the complainant, the surviving complainant, his relatives and family members, and any surviving witnesses.”

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Briscoe was shot dead in the Grotto restaurant on Saturday when he and his group were robbed. Briscoe’s friend Dyrin Riculfy was also shot during the encounter and is in critical condition in a hospital.

While police withheld specific details about how they identified the two men as suspects, they disclosed research into the motive and vehicle, as well as a number of Crime Stoppers tips that led investigators to them.

Jenkins was arrested at an apartment complex in southwest Houston where investigators confiscated a Nissan Altima that matched the description of the vehicle that escaped the shooting.

Jackson was arrested Thursday and taken into custody by a SWAT team.

During a press conference Friday to announce the arrests, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg hinted at the death penalty on the murder charge.

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Ogg revealed that both men were on tape for previous crimes and lamented that fact during the event.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in Harris County, Texas at this point that both people were already on loan,” Ogg said.
According to the prosecutor, Jackson was already on the road because of a serious robbery in 2020 that allegedly followed someone from the Galleria area home. His loan was forfeited earlier this year, and Jackson failed to appear for a trial earlier this month, leading to the discovery that his ankle monitor was cut off.

Police also said the two men are linked to other robberies in the area that specifically target people with high-end jewelry. All evidence of Briscoe’s murder showed that the shooting was due to a failed robbery, police said.

Ogg speculates that the couple attempted the robbery to collect bail for a friend.

The investigation continues despite the arrests, with another person of interest being sought.

Earlier this week, police announced that the reward for apprehending the suspects in the case had increased to $ 100,000.

The police did not confirm a six-figure payment. Crime stoppers have often stated that tips can be submitted anonymously.


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