1-on-1 conversation with former FSU defensive lineman Everett ‘A1Dawk’ Dawkins

Former Florida State Football player Everett Dawkins sits down with our Ira Schoffel to discuss his career at the Seminoles, how he and his teammates turned the program upside down when Jimbo Fisher took over as head coach, why he’s upbeat for new head coach Mike Norvell and what’s going on with his new career as a recording artist.

A native of South Carolina, Dawkins played in Florida State from 2008 to 2012, starting 41 defensive games during his college career. He later played professional football (NFL and Arena League) for several years and is now an aspiring hip-hop artist.

Under the recording name A1Dawk, Dawkins has released three songs on various streaming services, launched a YouTube channel and plans to release a new EP in the coming weeks.

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* Recruited by FSU, Bobby Bowden & Jimbo Fisher (1:25)

* His early years at FSU – 2008-’09 (5:05)

* How they changed the defense under Mark Stoops (8:55)

* Comparison of this time with the defensive battles of the FSU at the moment (11:10)

* Social media and the situation of Marvin Wilson (12:15)

* Watch FSU games as a fan (16:15)

* His move to DT and his NFL career (5:00 p.m.)

* How the 2011 and 2012 teams set the stage for the ’13 national title (10:20 p.m.)

* “Sick to my stomach” about the team’s failure in 2012 (26:55)

* Impressions from FSU head coach Mike Norvell (28:55)

* Leaving football, starting a career as a recording artist (31:50)

* His new song release on July 2nd and his upcoming EP (40:20)

* Birth of his son (44:05)

Here’s how you can follow Everett Dawkins’ musical career:

* A1Dawk website

* On Youtube

* Twitter account

* Spotify

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