Spokane Shock rewind: Troy Evans Jr. did everything against Northern Arizona including a trash talk session

The feet, hands and mouth of Spokane Shock receiver Troy Evans Jr. were active in Saturday’s 42:24 street win against the Northern Arizona Wranglers.

The 5-foot-9 runabout from Marshall University shared the time at the receiver (three catches, 71 yards), running back (three carries, 12 yards) and kick returner (three returns, 51 yards) to create a shock offensive to step up who gave their best ride out of the season.

When Evans, one of the Indoor Football League’s most explosive players, scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to put the Shock 29:17 ahead, he did something resembling a world wrestling entertainment scene.

He spoke boldly about trash to the Wrangler’s owner.

Wranglers owner Trey Medlock was leaning casually against a wall at the back of the end zone when Evans scored in a 2-yard inside run game. When Evans was back on his feet, he immediately pointed in the direction of a man in a suit before pacing up and down within 2 feet of Medlock’s face while Evans gasped and gestured.

“I’ve never seen a player go straight to the owner and talk rubbish,” a northern Arizona broadcaster said on the live stream of the game on Saturday in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

It seemed like retaliation.

“(Medlock) was talking to us (Trash) when they scored,” said a player identified by the broadcaster, as Evans said on the sidelines.

No penalty flag was thrown.

Evans had a team-high 134 all-purpose yards in victory. He has a team of 10 receptions for 117 yards this season.

“He played one hell of a game,” said Spokane coach Billy Back.

Evans and Speedy Noil (11 carries, 90 yards, two touchdowns) – another player who played mostly receivers in college at Texas A&M – went well with being absent, followed by Sapp-Lynch, who was at his wedding Sister was running back.

The extension Wranglers (0-3) has the worst defense in the league with 51 points per game, so a difficult passing game did not hinder the Shock (2-1).

Veteran quarterback Charles McCullum completed 9 of 20 passes for 130 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. He also rushed for a touchdown.

McCullum has completed 36 of 72 passes for 358 yards, three touchdowns and four interceptions for a shock offensive averaging 36 points per game.

The Shock Defense, which had four interceptions in the last two games, only brings in 28 points per game.

The Shock are on their way on Saturday to face the Sioux Falls Storm (3-1), who averaged more than 50 points per game in their three-game winning streak.

Shock ranking up: Spokane moved up one place to 5th place in the Indoor Football League ranking with 12 teams. This week’s opponent, Sioux Falls, is No. 2.

The Frisco Fighters (3-0), who beat the Shock 36-33 at the Spokane Arena in Week 1, are the IFL’s top-ranked team.

Solomon the Snapper: Shock receiver Kamrin Solomon, who has nine receptions for 99 yards and two touchdowns in two games, has additional duties.

The 6-foot, 170-pound receiver erects itself as a long snapper in the middle on field goals.

Run Defense shines: Defending the shock doesn’t give up much this season, especially on the ground.

The teams have teamed up to race 130 yards with 54 carries, just 2.4 yards per attempt.

Petre points: For the second time this season, shock kicker Sawyer Petre went 3 to 4 in field goal attempts on Saturday.

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