Pioneer Charter School of Science in Everett/Saugus providing additional supports to students and staff

The Pioneer Charter School of Science issued the following press release

A month later, the 2021-2022 school year looks significantly different for students not only across the country, but also in Everett and Saugus. Students have resumed full-time face-to-face learning, but the move to the “new normal” after months of loneliness and videoconferencing is an abrupt reversal for most adults – not to mention the developing brains of the students still deciding what they are going to school or who they will be sitting with at lunch.

To facilitate this transition, the Pioneer Charter School, a K-12 system with locations in Everett and Saugus, has launched a series of community building events and exercises to help students get to know each other and create new relationships with each other and with teachers build up and staff.

“Fun Fridays” includes interactive indoor and outdoor activities such as table games, dodgeball, table tennis, kickball and films so that students can work together, compete and reconnect with one another.

A wide range of social enrichment clubs has also resumed, with students gathering after school to participate among dozens of others at the Guitar Club, Math Club, and Social Justice Club. Excursions have also resumed, and students have already visited the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

The school has seen a great response to these programs from both students and staff. Sanela Jonuz, Executive Director of the Everett Campus, commented, “Our Panthers are very excited about the new school year, just like us, and we want to make sure that we meet their academic and social emotional needs after a year of unprecedented Faced with problems, meet challenges. “

Students play ball and table games in the gym as part of a program that encourages exercise and interactive play after months of distance learning.

The school is also implementing numerous academic initiatives to assess and correct learning losses that have developed over the course of the pandemic. PCSS started its year earlier than usual to give students extra time to transition and give teachers extra time to create study plans. The school is hiring additional staff to help students during and after school, and is doubling the number of teacher-coaches to support teachers in the classroom. The long-standing PCSS tutoring program on Saturday runs virtually.

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