Oncology and Transplant Veteran Accommodation | VA Portland Health Care

VA Portland Health Care Systems provides accommodations for oncology and transplant veterans. There are a number of options that may be available to meet your travel needs, both near and far. If you travel long distances to Portland VA for your care, accommodation may be available for you and your loved ones. Please contact your social worker for more information as certain criteria apply to travel and accommodation options.

Building 18 The Lodge

Building 18 The lodge is located on the Vancouver VA campus in Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia River, approximately 11 miles from the Portland VA Medical Center. The ADA-accessible 30-room suites provide accommodation for oncology and transplant veterans and their caregivers. The lodge has administrative staff on duty 7 days a week (not 24 hours a day) and no clinical staff. All residents must be able to care for themselves or have a carer to support them. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the lodge.

VA Portland’s Building 18 The Lodge provides veterans accommodation at no cost to veterans or their caregivers.

Each guest suite has two hospital beds, a built-in chest of drawers with shelves, bedside tables, refrigerator, television and DVD player, and an en suite bathroom. We provide linen and housekeeping to keep the lodge clean and healthy for our immunocompromised guests. In addition to our guest suites, The Lodge has three beautiful communal kitchens and living areas. We also have three laundry rooms, a computer lounge, and an exercise room.

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