‘OK Broomer’: Seattle’s bike lane sweeper gets a name

More than 1,500 people voted in Twitter polls to name the new sweeper.

SEATTLE – Seattle’s new protected bicycle sweeper is called “OK Broomer”.

More than 1,500 people voted in Twitter polls to name the sweeper.

“OK Broomer” received 57.3% of the final vote.

“OK Broomer” was introduced by 11-year-old Pascal of Licton Springs as part of the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Name That Sweeper competition, which began on May 18.

SDOT’s new Protected Cycle Path Sweeper is a smaller version of road sweepers, according to SDOT, that keep roads clear of dirt and prevent pollutants from entering storm sewers and waterways. With the sweeper, the crews can cover more ground than manually clearing the cycle paths. It is serviced several times a week and can hold around 1.5 tons of dirt.

The agency organized 16 potential sweeper names into four groups. There were three March Madness-style voting rounds.

These were the names submitted by community members:

  • Sir Sweeps-a-Lot
  • Legion of Broom
  • Sweeping beauty
  • Brush with fate
  • Sweepless in Seattle
  • Brush hour
  • Wheely clean
  • Sweeping dreams
  • Sweepy McSweepface
  • Broomba
  • Seattle Sweephawk
  • Zambroombi
  • Sweep Caroline
  • Baby broomer
  • OK Broomer
  • sweetheart

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