NFL’s Gerald Everett Calls For Wild NBA Fans To Chill Out, Sports Bring Us Together!

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NBA fans have to keep the water bottles, spit and popcorn to themselves … so says NFL tight end Gerald Everett, who narrates TMZ Sport The wild onlookers need to cut the crap and make the sport a peaceful place for everyone.

Over the past week there have been several instances of fans crossing the line at NBA games – with superstars like Bring a boy, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook objects – or liquids – are thrown in their direction.

A fan tossed a water bottle to Kyrie Irving as he and his teammates walked out of the game. They weren’t thrilled about it.

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In addition, even a fan ran in the square during Game 5 of the Wizard vs. Sixers Matchup on Monday evening … before it is absolutely leveled by arena security.

We spoke with Everett, 26, about the increase in fan-related incidents over the past week … and he says it’s extremely important that exercise is fun for everyone – especially during difficult times.

“Man, we just have to realize that it’s a team sport,” Everett told us at LAX. “We’re doing it to bring everyone together and it’s like a crazy time right now – coronavirus and everyone is still trying to make it through.”

“Sport is the only thing we have left, so we have to use that as a key element to bring people back together.”

Everett says he looks forward to fans making it back to the NFL stadiums this season … if everyone behaves, that is.

There’s more … we talked about it with the Seahawks TE too July Jones‘Future in the league … and the 12 want to catch what he says !!

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