Heat dome meets Canada | The Manila times

VANCOUVER: A “heat dome” over western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the USA caused temperatures to rise to new highs and triggered heat warnings from Oregon in Canada’s arctic areas on Sunday (Monday in Manila).

British Columbia recorded more than 40 new temperature highs over the weekend, including Whistler Ski Resort. And the high pressure ridge that traps warm air in the area is expected to break records throughout the week.

VANCOUVER: Everett Clayton looks at a digital thermometer on a nearby building that reads 116 degrees as he walks to his apartment in Vancouver, Washington on June 27, 2021. During a historic heat wave this weekend, temperatures were record high in the northwest. AFP PHOTO

Environment Canada issued warnings for British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

“A sustained, dangerous and historic heat wave will continue this week,” the warnings said.

“The high temperatures in the afternoon will rise to mid-30s today (Sunday) and in some regions will peak at 40 degrees Celsius by the middle of the week.” These temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees Celsius hotter than normal.

The US National Weather Service issued a similar warning of a “dangerous heat wave” that could cause record temperatures in parts of Washington and Oregon to soar more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.

“The historic northwest heat wave will last for much of the coming week, with likely numerous daily, monthly and even all-time records to be set,” a statement said. Monday is expected to be the hottest day in major cities like Seattle and Portland, with all-time record highs in both cities.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada was on July 5, 1937 in two cities in southeast Saskatchewan at 45 degrees Celsius (155 miles) northeast of Vancouver – projected to reach 46 degrees Celsius (115 Fahrenheit).

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