From the Newsroom: Take my Evergreen State quiz

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If my vacation plan works, I’ll be heading back to town today after a two week trip through north Washington. My plan was to ride the full length of Highway 20, one of its highlights, the Pend Oreille and Columbia Rivers, the Methow Valley, North Cascades National Park, Whidbey Island and the beautiful, historic town of Port Townsend. It is wonderful!

Since I’m in the vacation mood, I thought I’d offer you this Evergreen State Quiz. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Which county name does not appear in Washington and Oregon?

A) Lincoln County, B) Columbia County, C) Clark County, D) Benton County.

2. Which district is not on Puget Sound?

A) Ferry County, B) King County, C) Kitsap County, D) Pierce County.

3. What is not an official symbol of the Evergreen State?

A) willow goldfinch, B) petrified wood, C) western hemlock, D) Boeing 707.

4. For some unclear reason, this capital is not a county seat:

A) Vancouver, B) Richland, C) Seattle, D) Spokane.

5. Which of these passes does not cross the Cascade Mountains?

A) Snoqualmie Pass, B) White Pass, C) Stevens Pass, D) Sherman Pass.

6. Which film was not made, at least partially, in Washington?

A) “Sleepless in Seattle”, B) “Twilight”, C) “The Shining”, D) “An Officer and a Gentleman”.

7. At 1313 N. 13th Ave., Walla Walla, WA, you will find the following attractions:

A) Marcus and Narcissa Whitman’s graves, B) Washington State Penitentiary, C) Whitman College, D) Grand Coulee Dam.

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