Washington Football Team Roster Battle Features 7 Fighting For Final Spot

At the start of the off-season there were some secondary concerns about the Washington Football team. Kendall Fuller, Jimmy Moreland and Kamren Curl were the only safe members of the 2021 roster at the time. How things have changed this preseason.

Head coach Ron Rivera has already stated ahead of the cutback period next Tuesday that secondary school is the toughest challenge for him and the WFT Brain Trust. But how competitive is it really?

Currently, the three secured defense positions are still intact as Fuller, Moreland and Curl did nothing to affect their status on the team. The offseason additions to William Jackson III and Bobby McCain bring the number to five. Then the Landon Collins resurgence and game of third-round rookie Benjamin St-Juste took seven spots into account before we have difficult conversations.

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Between cornerbacks and safeties, it’s not uncommon for NFL teams to bring eight defensive backs into the regular season. The math shows that a job is open, maybe two if the team has nine.

Seven jobs are advertised, six men are fighting for last place.

Torry McTyer, Danny Johnson, Darryl Roberts, Troy Apke, Deshazor Everett, Jeremy Reaves and round five rookie Darrick Forrest are all in one last desperate race to the finish line.

There are three collateral already on the list in Collins, Curl, and McCain. And there are four cornerbacks. This gives general logic to the thought that the eighth man in the group is likely to be a certainty.

Everett was team captain in 2020 with a great track record of specialty teams. Apke is now technically a cornerback but comes from security roots. This versatility and his own skills for special teams also make him a first-class candidate.

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McTyer was something of a hero of the training camp, and recent comments from Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio have also spoken about his versatility.

In this exercise, these three seem to be high on the list of this evening’s celebrations.

But the race is far from over and every man believes he has his ways to show the coaches why they can’t afford not to have him on their squad.

Get ready. It could be a photo finish.

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