100 years ago in Spokane: Ms. Corbin revealed the “humiliating” details of her true relationship with her co-defendant

Anna Corbin, the widow of the Spokane tycoon DC Corbin, took a stand in the fire proceedings against Louis Lilge and “told without hesitation the most embarrassing and humiliating details of her intimacy with the man she employed as a chauffeur less than two years ago”. . “

These details included:

  • He presented himself as “a man of means” who had made and spent a fortune with “champagne and a high life”.
  • He told her that he had invented a rotary piston gas engine and was working on inventing an airship.
  • Lilge asked her to marry him, but she said she did not want to marry. But soon they were living together “as man and woman”.
  • “He took advantage of me,” she told the court. “He was so much stronger than me, and in an unguarded moment I surrendered to him. He seemed to have complete control over me so that his will was entirely my law. “
  • He persuaded her to invest money to invest in a gold mine. When that didn’t work, he convinced her to sell her Liberty Bonds to invest $ 40,000 in oil stocks, on which she later learned that Lilge was earning a commission.
  • He got angry when he learned she would only leave him $ 5,000 in her will and threatened to sue her for a common law marriage for half of her property.
  • Lilge called himself “Petruchio”, the domineering man in “The Taming of the Shrew”. Mrs. Corbin replied that he was not a Petruchio because Petruchio “only used amiable expressions to speak to Kate”.

Corbin should resume the process if the process continues.

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