🌱 New group of health professionals + shortage of home care workers

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Here are the top stories in Spokane today:

  1. A press conference took place on Wednesday between Providence health care and the Ministry of Defense to discuss federal medical assistance. providence recently welcomed 20 doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists from the DOD to ease some of the burdens on caregivers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The new group of nurses is expected to be on site at Sacred Heart Center for about a month. (KREM.com)
  2. the Inland northwest has thousands of seniors or people with a disability who rely on home care workers. The low need for care is the result of many factors, the largest of which is due to COVID. DSHS says the greatest need is now in that Spokane But they also hope to secure a pool of at least 20 plants in the outlined rural communities available for urgent needs. (KHQ right now)
  3. Gonzaga Men’s basketball coach Mark a few Pleaded guilty to a DUI charge on Friday and instead of spending four days in jail, he has been given 24 hours of community service. (KHQ right now)
  4. the Washington State patrol (WSP) has released a geographic breakdown of the number of soldiers lost to the vaccine mandate in each region. Spokane located in the District 4 region, where 10 WSP soldiers were reported to have lost their jobs on October 18 (FOX 28 Spokane)

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