Spokane Police launches new program to catch package thieves

December 3, 2021 9:09 PM

Posted: December 3, 2021 9:09 PM

SPOKANE, Washington – Everyone deals with package thieves year round. During the holidays, thieves have a higher chance of finding one to steal. Spokane Police have launched a new program to ensure your gifts get home, even if they are taken away.

Mary Reed was out delivering food when she received a notification that her package had been delivered. When she got home her new tablet was gone.

“It’s frustrating. Somebody got away with my package,” she said. “We try to make sure that when it gets delivered we can get it right when someone is home. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case that night.”

The Spokane Police Department wants to arrest those responsible for such thefts. This month the department hires an officer to investigate package theft.

“Most of the time, when we catch people involved in this activity, we catch them and they are responsible for a number of them,” said Cpl. Nick Briggs of the Spokane Police.

This program is about you. If your gift is stolen, report it to Crime Check first. You can call online or file a report. As soon as the police receive a report with a photo or video, the officer shares it in an album on the department’s Facebook page.

You can post a tip if you recognize the person.

“It would be almost better if we could get the person because I have a feeling it’s probably not just me – there are probably several,” Reed said.

Briggs said you can be proactive about avoiding your package from being stolen.

“If possible, set up a place where a courier can drop off a package and it is not visible from the street,” he said.

Work with your neighbors too. Knowing you won’t be home when your package is delivered, they can get it for you. You can also have it delivered to your workplace or pick it up from the delivery company.

“Cameras are great. Not only because they can record videos if your package is stolen, but they can also notify you when a package shows up, ”Briggs said.

Reed says she couldn’t reach the company to get a new tablet. In the meantime, she’ll be investing in some cameras soon in the hopes that this doesn’t happen again.

“People put their hard-earned money into things and they buy them and expect them to be delivered untouched,” she said. “We have every right that our things are not touched.”

If you see someone you know on the Police Department Facebook page, email [email protected] You can remain anonymous.

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