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When we released this annual celebration of the Inland Northwest arts scene a year ago, we noticed the ravages of the coronavirus on artists and arts organizations, although we welcomed the end, in our opinion, of this pandemic nightmare and some of the incredible work that was created at a historically frightening time.

A year later, we were clearly expecting the end of COVID-19 a little earlier, even if a miraculous vaccine allows us to gather again in galleries, concert halls, theaters and bookstores to enjoy life-affirming art together in person. Hopefully the fall of 2021 won’t destroy a healthy selection of art events you’ll find in this issue, just part of an exciting mix of stories on the following pages. We set out to explore arts organizations in the area’s small towns, meet groups and individuals working to bring creativity to life outside of the Spokane-Coeur d’Alene metro area. We spoke to Nathan Huston about the new location for his Giant Nerd bookstore, visited organizations dedicated to supporting classical music in Spokane and live theaters across the area, and met with university galleries to greet guests for exciting new shows .

We’re still not “normal” back to whatever that is, but our art scene remains a vibrant one. Let’s keep it that way by supporting local artists as best we can, mmmkay?


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