What really happened to Kaila as a result of the intervention?

We are happy to report that Kaila is still alive and appears to be fine. Starcasm reported in 2016 that her mother posted a Facebook post on her birthday that read, “Today is a day to celebrate our daughter Kaila. She is 23 years old now and I enjoy the person you are today. ”Kaila also told Geier that she ascribed” intervention “saving her life, although her prospects didn’t look promising when that episode ended At the time of this interview in 2015, she was preparing for her college degree.

In 2019, she changed her name from Bentinck to Kupfer when she married Joseph Kupfer in California (via Facebook), and the two have dogs and cats. She also became a first aider; In 2015 and 2016, Kaila worked as a paramedic and volunteer firefighter, and she worked as a paramedic and paramedic until 2018. According to her LinkedIn, she remains in the medical field; From 2018-2019 she was a clinician and since 2019 she has been a specialist in histology laboratory in Vancouver, Washington, where she lives. In August, she went on Facebook and posted a picture of herself and her husband at her brother Sean’s wedding.

Kaila has not come out about her anorexia bouts since “Intervention”, so it is unclear how she recovered from her illness. Of course, a lot of people want to know – but knowing that she is alive and seeming to be thriving has to be enough for now.

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