West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE BIRDS: 9 new views

Family photo time as we start this gallery of reader-contributed bird photos from West Seattle! Look closely Kersti Muuls photo above – this is a baby Killdeer under mom’s tail feathers. Below, Samantha Burton‘s nest box tightened nuthatch:

Mark Wangerin photographed a boy Common woodpecker today, explaining, “I had noticed a change in the spoken language of the adult Pileated Woodpecker in the past few days. Today this new offspring showed up! It fell from trunk to trunk in the forest “:

This morning, Lynn Hall captured Canada goose Family overlooking Elliott Bay:

For a closer look at a gosling – Stewart L. sent this photo with long lens:

Stewart also sends this view of a Purple-green swallow:

Next a House finch, of Michelle Green Arnson:

A Anna’s hummingbird of Jerry Simmons:

And another hummingbird from Janelle, followed by an explanation of why she was holding it:

I wanted to share this photo of a stunned lobster that recently blew into my window. I picked it up when it was lying sideways, stunned, and held it for about 5 minutes until it could fly to a nearby tree, where it sat another 20 minutes and then flew away.

I’ve heard numerous bird strikes on my windows in the past few days, which has led me to research and order a few Window alarm Stickers to save birds from breaking windows.

Thanks again to everyone who shares photos – from birds to breaking news – [email protected] is the best place to send non-urgent photos!

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