This Toronto couple bought a $1.1-million 19th-century farmhouse in Everett. A few months later, they got married on the property

This Toronto couple bought a 19th century farmhouse in Everett for $ 1.1 million. A few months later, they got married on the property

The buyers: Jesse Hayman, 34, chief growth officer at Greenspace Health, a mental health technology company; Veronica Consales, 32, architectural designer with her own pottery Softspotceramics.

the Story: In early 2018, Jesse and Veronica bought a three-bedroom, two-bath townhouse in Moss Park for $ 690,000. The place needed some renovations. It was showing significant wear and tear, and the floor plan was narrow, with a bedroom off the kitchen.

On a budget of $ 40,000, the couple did a full job tearing down the bedroom walls that adjoin the kitchen and opening up the main floor. They also added hardwood floors, painted the walls, refurbished the stairs, replaced a fireplace, and remodeled both washrooms. The renovation work was completed in the summer.

Jessie and Veronica have always loved the outdoors, but before the pandemic, since they both worked in the city, the only thing they could do outside was on weekend getaways or vacations. When a large part of the workforce started working from home in 2020, they had an idea: what if they sold their house and bought something out of town?

In July 2020, they started their search and were looking for properties within an hour of the city. On her wish-list: a single-family house with a garden, privacy and enough space to accommodate her families at the weekend and maybe raise a few children of her own. Veronica planned to quit her job to focus on architectural design and a pottery business, while Jessie thought he could work remotely and commute to the office a few times a week.

They decided to sell their townhouse before submitting bids and listed it for $ 875,000, taking into account the added value from the renovations. The couple had 36 performances over the next few weeks, but unfortunately none of the offers came through.

(Aside, Jesse Veronica proposed marriage in December while on a weekend getaway in Prince Edward County.)

The listing expired in January 2021 and the house was off the market. Two agents got in touch and asked the couple whether they were still ready to sell. They are. Of the two offers received, Jesse and Veronica accepted the highest offer, directly at their list price of $ 875,000. The couple planned to use all of the money from the sale to buy their next apartment.

The search: With a maximum budget of $ 1.15 million, Jesse and Veronica examined properties across the province: Uxbridge, Georgina, Caledon, Milton, King City, Nobleton, Adjala Tosorontio, New Tecumseth, Aurora and Everett.

In February, they found a detached triple room with two bathrooms in New Tecumseth, an hour’s drive northwest of Toronto. It was listed for $ 1.3 million. The place checked everything on its wish list: back yard, privacy, space for the family. So the couple made a $ 1.15 million offer that hit their budget, but the seller turned it down.

About a week later, they visited a detached triple room with two bathrooms in Adjala Tosorontio, also an hour’s drive northwest of town. It was quoted much lower at $ 799,000. This place also met its criteria with the added charm of a large fireplace visible from the front entrance. Jessica and Veronica tried again to hit their budget, but they missed $ 5,000.

Then they discovered a detached triple room with two bathrooms in Everett, a small town of 1,200 near New Tecumseth and Adjala Tosorontio. It was listed for $ 1.15 million. The 1880s Victorian house stood on just over two acres of hobby farmland.

They immediately fell in love with the place. There were stained glass windows inside; Crown moldings; and original hand-carved wooden stairs.

Outside it had a couple of outside terraces; a wraparound deck with a swinging bench; and a barn that Veronica wanted to convert into a pottery studio. And as if it wasn’t charming enough, the property was surrounded by a Christmas tree farm. When it came to the wish list – check, check and check.

On the other hand, the house needed some work. The switchboards had to be certified. The kitchen floor had to be replaced. The stove and oven were outdated (i.e. wood burning stove). Jesse and Veronica estimated the changes needed would cost about $ 85,000, but they had tucked some cash away from the sale of their townhouse in Moss Park, and Veronica thought the house was an exciting design project. So they went for it.

The result: The couple made an offer for the Everett home in March and walked back and forth with the seller a couple of times. Initially they offered $ 1.05 million, but the sellers came back with $ 1.15 million. A few days later, they agreed on $ 1.1 million.

They moved into their new home in May and started renovating right out of the box. During the Reno they used a bathroom and cooked every meal on a grill since they could not use the kitchen. In August they were ready.

A week after the Renos finished, they had their wedding on the property.

They have two dogs, three cats and seven chickens. You are slowly learning to take care of the farm. Next, the couple consider making their own honey to complete their transition from city runabout to farm dweller.

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