This is where you can cast your ballot papers for the Spokane County’s general election

The general election for Spokane County and the consolidated election for Kootenai County will take place on Tuesday, November 2nd.

SPOKANE, Wash – Spokane County’s post boxes are now open for general election votes in November.

The general election for Spokane County and the consolidated election for Kootenai County will take place on Tuesday, November 2nd. Races that are on the ballot in Spokane County include Spokane and the Spokane Valley City Council, along with the Spokane Public Schools Board and Central Valley School District executive positions.

Here is a list of ballot boxes in the Spokane area:

  • Electoral Office: 1033 W Gardner Ave., Spokane
  • Airway Heights Library: 1213 S Lundstrom St., Airway Heights
  • Argonne Library: 4322 N Argonne Rd., Spokane
  • CenterPlace Event Center: 2426 N Discovery Pl., Spokane Valley
  • Cheney Library: 610 First St., Cheney
  • Deer Park Library: 208 S Forest Ave., Deer Park
  • Library in downtown Spokane in the STA Plaza, Spokane
  • Eastside Library: 524 S Stone St., Spokane
  • Fairfield Library: 305 E Main St., Fairfield
  • Indian Trail Library: 4909 W Barnes Rd., Spokane
  • Latah City Hall: 108 E Market St., Latah
  • Liberty Lake Library: 23123 E Mission Ave., Liberty Lake
  • Medical Lake Library: 321 E Herb St., Medical Lake
  • Millwood City Hall: 9103 E Frederick Ave., Millwood
  • Moran Prairie Library: 6004 S Regal St., Spokane
  • North Spokane Library: 44 E Hawthorne Rd., Spokane
  • Otis Orchards Library: 22324 E Wellesley Ave., Otis Orchards
  • Rockwood Town Hall: 20 W Emma St., Rockford
  • Shadle Aquatic Center: 2005 W Wellesley Ave., Spokane
  • South Hill Library: 3324 S Perry St., Spokane
  • Spangle Town Hall: 115 W 2nd St., Spangle
  • Spokane County Courthouse: 1116 W Broadway Ave., Spokane
  • Spokane Valley Library: 12004 E Main Ave., Spokane Valley
  • STA Plaza: 701 W Riverside Ave., Spokane
  • Waverly Town Hall: 255 Commercial St., Waverly

How to register to vote

Before you can vote in Washington State, you must register. There are several ways to register: online, by post or in person.

To register online, you will need your Washington State driver’s license or ID card. Visit and submit your information.

To register by mail, either print out a voter registration form or request a registration form. Send the completed form to the address of your district election office before sending it off.

To register in person, visit your district electoral office (the electoral division is open for roadside service during the pandemic). To register for the vote, you must:

  • A citizen of the United States
  • A legal resident of Washington State
  • At least 18 years old on election day
  • Not excluded from voting because of a court order
  • Not under the Department of Corrections for a Washington felony conviction.

Dates and deadlines

  • 13.-15. October: ballots are sent out.
  • October 25: Deadline for receiving new registrations and voter updates online and by mail. Online and mail registrations must be received at least eight days before the election day. You can register for voting in person until 8:00 p.m. on the day of the election.
  • Nov 2nd: hand in the voting slip in the official mailbox by 8:00 p.m.

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