The Spokane-based brand is partnering with the Seattle Seahawks

The Great PNW has a deal with the Seattle Seahawks this season to make shirts, hats, sweatshirts and stickers.

SPOKANE, Wash – Joel Barbour received an email earlier this year from someone with the Seattle Seahawks. A few hours later, he spoke to this Seahawks representative on the phone.

Barbour founded The Great PNW – a Spokane-based lifestyle brand – back in 2013. After that call to the Seahawks, he had closed the brand’s first deal with a professional sports team.

“We always let people come to us,” said Barbour. “It was pretty great to see that like, ‘Oh, great, the Seahawks. They finally know who we are.’ And that was pretty great. “

Barbour said they came up with 20 designs that both he and the Seahawks liked, but due to licensing terms with the NFL, they had to narrow the selection down to six final designs. Starting October 25th, the merchandise will be available in Lumen Field’s Pro Shop and will go live on The Great PNW’s website.

So far, the product has been a hit, said Barbour.

“I know we sold around 500 units on opening day, it was one of the best-selling items in the pro shop,” he said. “The people in town even when they see [the merchandise], the feedback even on social media, Instagram, they are just so happy that this collaboration came about. Especially our existing customers. [They] are just like, ‘This is so great.’ “

The collaboration continues for the remainder of the season, and Barbour said he hopes to continue it in the future. The success of his brand to date makes him think about other possible sports collaborations in the future.

“We’re looking at the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Kraken and the Sounders, of course, we really want to do more of them, they were so much fun,” he said. “Our customers like them very much, we are really able to reach a new target group that is not our normal consumers.”

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