The Lower Spokane Street Bridge is open again for an hour; A failing pump will attract attention

The lower Spokane Street Swing Bridge was closed for an hour Wednesday due to a failed pump.

File photo by Patrick Robinson

The lower Spokane Street Swing Bridge was closed for mechanical reasons for about an hour on Wednesday. The Seattle Department of Transportation announced the closure and then opened it again only about 58 minutes later.

SDOT published this statement:

“The Spokane Street Swing Bridge is fully operational again. This morning one of the three pumps needed to operate the bridge began to lose pressure and make atypical noises, causing SDOT to shut down the bridge while our crews investigated the problem. ” and carried out the necessary measures to restart the bridge. In the next few days we will decide whether the pump should be replaced or can be repaired. During this time, SDOT will station electricians and mechanics on the lower bridge, peak hours mornings and afternoons in case the pump requires extra attention. On Tuesday November 9th, SDOT planned to replace another pump on the bridge. When this pump is replaced on Tuesday, there will be no impairment of traffic for vehicles. Repairs or replacements activities that are required for the pump that has failed today can be carried out at this point in time. “

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