Sponsored Feature | OLP of Everett brings prized landscapes to life at night

Thanks to its temperate, humid climate, the Great Northwest is known for its rich and colorful landscape. And a trip around Snohomish County’s neighborhoods shows that many homeowners take advantage of this climate and proudly maintain their lawns and gardens.

It’s often a sight to behold … until the sun goes down. All of your hard work disappears in the dark. This is especially noticeable at this time of year when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting long.

Rob Bingham, an engineer turned entrepreneur, believes there is no reason not to enjoy carefully manicured landscapes after dark. His company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Everett (OLP of Everett), takes landscaping to the next level with personalized lighting systems that highlight the wonders of a homeowner’s property after dark.

Bingham’s background in the corporate world spanned years of visionary product development. Natural skills paired with the ability to work in a team prepared him for this new challenge.

Typically, a homeowner turns to OLP of Everett with a desire to add lighting to their home’s landscape, but has no precise idea of ​​how to proceed. Bingham does.

“This is game time for me,” he says. “I usually do a little research on the house and visit the customer to get an idea of ​​what they want.”

Then he makes a proposal, plants a seed, “and they nibble on it.”

It doesn’t even have to be conceptual. OLP of Everett can hold a nightly demonstration in the home to give the homeowner a taste of the possibilities. “So when they see it their jaws drop,” says Bingham. “Then it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘how many lights you want’.”

Of course, a homeowner can go to a large store, buy a fairy lights or two, and put them up. Think extension cords running on the floor and through the jacks, circuit breakers blowing, and storms tearing down the whole shabby project.

OLP of Everett installs systems that are built to last. Bingham has put together a team of trained professionals who respect the property, expertly install a bespoke system, and leave the landscape as neat or clean when it arrived.

“When a landscape is well cared for, I can make it look spectacular,” says Bingham. He knows it has to be, because “every house I build is a living billboard for our company.”

Unsurprisingly, OLP of Everett is busy installing Christmas lights this time of year. Just like their year-round projects, you get the same attention to detail.

“My lights don’t go down; they don’t go out. But if they do we will fix it in 24 hours,” says Bingham.

In addition to lights, they also install wreaths, garlands, and other Christmas decorations. “It won’t look like Chevy Chase’s ‘Christmas Vacation’ unless you want it to,” he says.

They make sure they discuss each option, including dimmers, timers, and other details, small details that make a project “from A to W!” Bingham says.

Whether it’s a temporary decoration project for the holidays or a permanent outdoor lighting system that brings nighttime landscapes to life, Bingham promises that OLP of Everett will only do high quality installations.

This attention to detail is ingrained in Bingham, who has worked for some of America’s largest companies where quality is a must.

In fact, he moved to the northwest after college to work on airplane decks at Boeing. “It was a phenomenal job after college,” he says, “but I knew I wanted to do more than just design airplanes.”

Further positions in product development followed at companies such as Quinton Instruments, Stairmaster, LeMond Fitness, Microsoft and Philips Sonicare.

Eventually, after 30 years that included way too much travel, Bingham decided he was done with Corporate America.

But his visions, product development and management skills, which he had honed over these decades, were ideal preparation for the start of OLP of Everett here, which he and his wife Beth, “the perfect partner”, launched in spring 2020.

While other companies slowed down and closed their doors as the pandemic exploded, it turned out that this was the ideal time for their business.

“For six months people were stuck, unable to go to Hawaii, looking at their house and thinking about improvements,” says Bingham. “Surrounded by the darkness, they thought, ‘What can we do?'”

Bingham says Everett’s OLP can do that for her. “I am beaming.”

For advice and a quote, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Everett at 425-658-2050 or visit their website at OutdoorLights.com/Everett. Check out her ad on The Beacon to learn how to get $ 100 for your Christmas lighting project.

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