Spokane prepares for June celebrations; local artists reflect on Black Lives Matter | mural news

Tonia Michele from KHQ spoke to two of the 16 artists on the Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Spokane. Amber Hoit, the muralist who painted the letter “C”, shared her feelings that Juneteenth will be a federal holiday.

“It’s so important. It means we are validated and heard and seen.” said Bernstein.

Shantell Jackson, the educator and community leader who painted the letter “K,” shares the message behind her piece.

“Overall, this piece should represent black joy and black healing. I want people to value the lives of black people more than we are shown how to be murdered and killed. I want people to see the contributions that blacks have brought to this country. “

Both will be attending this weekend’s Juneteenth Block Party hosted by the Inland Northwest Juneteenth Coalition. Amber will be doing a chalk mural during the celebration and Shantell will host an interactive activity.

The Block Party takes place from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the MLK East Central Community Center. There will be live music and entertainment.

Here you can connect with Amber on Facebook.

Instagram: @AODpainting

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