Spokane artists create floral skull displays for Day of the Dead

The skull was called Margarita, which means “daisy” in Spanish. According to the botanical alchemists, Margarita is an embodiment of life and death.

SPOKANE, Washington – The Botanical Alchemists created their third annual Day of the Dead sugar skull design with fresh flowers as an offering for the Día de los Muertos on Tuesday.

The large flower skull was called Margarita, which means “daisy” in Spanish. Margarita has a lot to teach us as the embodiment of life and death, according to a Facebook post from Botanical Alchemists. Margarita’s design was inspired by the awe and traditions of Mexican culture.

The event was inspired by the awe and traditions of Mexican culture and was free to the community with the intent of bringing people together as a community to mourn loved ones who have passed away and celebrate their lives.

The event, held on Tuesday, had live music from local musicians as well as a candlelit sunset ceremony.

People also added flowers and photos, ashes, crystals, sage mixes, and more to the Heart Memorial community collective.

People can stop by Polly Judd Park and visit Margarita while she is freshest, or visit her again while she is slowly composting back into the soil.

Botanical Alchemists’ organizers Ava Barany and Sarah Lorraine posted the following statement on their Facebook to thank the people who helped with the skull and attended the event:

“Your collective energy has given the art depth and soul. Thank you for pouring your tears and your smile and your hellos and goodbye into the night. Thank you for adding your flowers and photos, ashes, crystals, sage mixes and more.” added Heart Memorial to our community collective. It was breathtaking to see so much beauty develop in your loving footsteps through the maze, “they wrote.

“We can learn a lot from other cultures around the world, especially when it comes to death and loss. We have great support from our Mexican friends in their traditional Dia de los Muertos celebrations. Thank you for inspiring us to process death deeper and more colorful ways, “they wrote.

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