Seattle resident Peter Antoniou wows judges on ‘America’s Got Talent’

SEATTLE – How does a Brit around the world get to Seattle and end up in front of millions of viewers on America’s Got Talent? It’s a story that even psychological comedian Peter Antoniou couldn’t have predicted.

Peter’s beginning of his performances was written on the cards – tarot cards, to be precise.

“I started giving people reading and stuff and taking people’s thoughts and I found that I just had a natural talent for it and I started to do more, and it turned into a career,” said Peter.

But while doing shows across Europe, he met his future partner from Seattle.

“So in 2016 we got together and did the long haul thing for a while. And then I decided I wanted the opportunity to move to America and be with them full time too, so I decided to move to Seattle . “

Coming to Seattle is one thing – but Peter wanted to get to know the rest of the country at the same time.

“I knew I was coming to America and I had to introduce myself to a whole new audience and I thought where better to imagine than doing it all at once and going to the greatest entertainment show in the world.”

“It was weird because, like the pandemic, I hadn’t performed in 18 months and my first real appearance was back on TV in front of these four industry titans. But the moment I took the stage, I just felt totally quiet.” . And when I started performing for the jury it felt natural and I was in the moment. “

Peter has now made it to the semifinals of the show. And he plans not to hold anything back, pull back

“It would be easy to play it safe and do things that I know I can, but on a stage like this you can just as easily take big risks and it pays off and I’ll end up in Vegas.”

It’s everyone’s guess how Peter will fare on AGT. But no matter what, it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see how talented he is.

“It would be nice to win and get to the finals, but the support I received from the people who voted for me and the feedback from the jury made it absolutely worth it.”

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