Mayor Announces Senior Executive Expansion – City of Spokane, Washington

Mayor announces addition to the tour

Brian Coddington, Director of Communications, 509.625.6740

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 3:42 p.m.

A former federal housing commissioner who runs a company that works with youth on behavioral and developmental support and has gained experience with care systems has agreed to join the city as a special advisor, Mayor Nadine Woodward announced today.

Chris Patterson will advise Woodward on human service issues, with an immediate focus on housing and homelessness. Patterson grew up in foster families in and around Spokane, founded BreakThrough in 2006 as a go-to place for teenagers in need of a safe and consistent environment, and served two years under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, one of 10 regional ones Manage for the agency.

“Chris has extensive leadership and lived experience that has shaped and shaped a direct, compassionate, and collaborative approach that has earned him the respect and support of leaders across the country from diverse backgrounds,” said Woodward.

Patterson will work closely with the Neighborhood, Housing and Human Services Department on his housing and homelessness plans, two of Woodward’s key initiatives. Kirstin Davis will serve as a temporary assistant director for NHHS responsible for neighborhood engagement, customer service, housing and homelessness to ensure day-to-day operational support and continuity while a permanent department head is designated.

Woodward discussed leadership and staff expansion during a meeting of the NHHS department this morning. Finalists have been identified for the open position of Senior Program Manager and the hiring of a Director of the Department of Community, Housing and Human Resources is beginning.

Discussions with the NHHS team over the past few days have expressed the desire that all next steps include reflection on clear leadership and vision, a good understanding of the compliance environment, and experience with federal requirements for residential and development projects.

“We heard very clearly that they needed immediate leadership support as the department is focused on improving the quality of life for everyone in our community,” said Woodward.

Patterson is a graduate of Eastern Washington University, Spokane Community College, Leadership Spokane, and the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute. He is also the national leader of the Foster Youth to Independence Initiative.

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