Listen to Hayden Everett’s mesmerizing new project ‘Kennecott’

Details June 1, 2021 by Dustin Heidt

Raymond Alva

After up-and-coming San Diego singer Hayden Everett opened the year with his song “Kennecott”, he has now shared his entire EP of the same name.

The newly released project includes the aforementioned title track as well as the simply stunning offering “Resolve”, which was released in March. It shows an artist who clearly has strong skills in making beautiful music that is inspired by nature, the earth, and the need to be fully aware and present.

“This project is all about the concept of presence,” says Everett. “It started with frustration at my own inability to be fully present and became a question of how I (and you) can become more aware of the beauty that surrounds us. This EP is about being present in nature and on earth, allowing awe and wondering, forcing ourselves to protect this beauty. It’s about stopping the constant movement and ladder climbing to be still; these moments are the most valuable in the end. “

He continues, “The Kennecott EP is about being present in sadness and pain, rather than suppressing it. Ultimately, this project is the most important to-do list I will ever write. At the end of my life, I deeply hope that I can make it through, saying that I accepted this to-do list, ‘admiring the weight of every moment’. “

Listen to the EP below.

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