Jacobs Engineering: Operational utilities of the future are already showing innovations today, sharing best practices

Jacobs Operations Management and Facilities Services (OMFS) teams and customer partners, the City of Vancouver, Washington, and the City of Dodge City, Kansas were among 39 water utility companies named the 2021 Utility of the Future Today (UotFT ) were awarded. UotFT’s award winners demonstrate innovation and forward thinking to advance the operation and management of wastewater companies.

The UotFT recognizes the transformative work in the field of social engagement, the management of water catchment areas and the recovery of resources such as water, energy and nutrients. The program enables utilities to share progress, experiences and lessons learned with utilities. Through this knowledge sharing from nationwide industry experts, utilities can learn from each other and advance their efforts to deliver resilient value-added services to their communities.

The Vancouver City Marine Park facilities.

“This recognition reflects our commitment at Jacobs to improve the quality of life in our communities and to deal responsibly with the environment,” says Jacobs Global Vice President of Operations Management and Facilities Services, Steve Meininger. “I welcome our teams to work with our customers and key community partners to develop and implement innovative programs that address community challenges and lead to smarter, more efficient operations. Together, we can provide the know-how and technology to become future-oriented utilities that provide reliable, safe, and affordable services. “

This year’s program honored Jacobs teams and customers in two categories:

  • Energy efficiency: Vancouver’s Marine Park and Westside Sewage Treatment Plant received recognition for a two-year wastewater energy management cohort between Jacobs, Clark Public Utilities, the city and other key stakeholders. The cohort determines energy savings based on behavioral, operational and capital improvement opportunities in the facility. The engagement provides valuable incentives through utility discounts when energy savings are identified and enables Jacobs to operate the wastewater treatment plants more efficiently. Most recently, the facility avoided $ 30,000 in energy costs and received a discount of more than $ 20,000 from Clark Public Utilities, which will be reinvested in the City Sewer System Fund.
  • Energy generation and recovery: The Dodge City South Reclamation Facility was recognized for recycling biogas through the so-called Warrior Biogas Project. The purified gas is sold to KWIK Trip Convenience Stores and as a car fuel additive in Europe. With almost 72% of the raw gas produced being converted and sold as renewable biomethane at the facility, it has not only driven the city’s progress towards sustainable operations, but has also become a major revenue driver for the city. The proceeds are used to repay the city’s debt, delay infrastructure maintenance and finance future capital improvement projects.

Dodge City South Reclamation Facility’s Warrior Biogas Project.

The UotFT program was launched in 2016 as a joint initiative of the Water Environment Federation, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the Water Research Foundation and the WateReuse Association with contributions from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and those Jacobs has worked with over the years. The winners were honored during the Technical Exhibition and Conference of the Water Environment Federation in Chicago. More information about the UotFT program can be found on the WEF website.

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