Is Spokane Ready For Trailer Trash Tammy?

When Chelcie Lynn started posting videos on Vine as a trailer for Trash Tammy nine years ago, the disrespectful humorist never thought it would turn out to be anything.

“I had no expectations,” said Lynn when calling from Portland. “Who would have thought that what I posted would win an audience?” The San Diego native’s shorts are unpredictable, politically incorrect, and hilarious at times.

Some of the clips are scripted and others, such as Lynn’s stops at fast food passageways, were being recorded at the moment. “I love the improvisation that happens when I order food,” said Lynn. “I love the unpredictability.”

Lynn, 34, often pushes the line, which sets her apart from many of her peers. “I like to take risks and my goal is to be funny,” said Lynn. “I’m not afraid to do what I do. The problem today is that everyone is afraid of being canceled. It is unreal. Hopefully this will be over soon.

“I have never dealt with any trouble I might get into. When I write a joke, I’m not afraid to offend people. I love being Tammy because she is gross, ridiculous and wild. “

The Tammy personality was inspired by what Lynn went through and one of her favorite movies. “The whole thing was so random,” said Lynn. “It comes from what I know and I just enjoy it. But I also draw Charlize Theron in the movie ‘Monster’. “

Theron portrays the late serial killer Aileen Wuornos in her Oscar-winning role. “I took their mannerisms and looks and passed them on to Tammy,” said Lynn.

Lynn, who quit her job as a supermarket baker four years ago, enjoys herself as an outrageous Uber driver and scream in her clips while demonstrating how to haggle over a Craigslist item.

“People love what is great,” said Lynn. Lynn, who will perform at the Spokane Comedy Club on Friday and Saturday, is taking the next step, which is improving her comic book skills. Lynn is a newbie as a standup, however.

“I’m new to it,” said Lynn. “I only did one show before the pandemic. I did a 15 minute set in front of agents and managers and we planned a full tour but it didn’t happen due to the pandemic. It gave me time to prepare for this tour. “

Expect to see Lynn deliver anecdotes to Tammy as a trailer for Trash. The long stories have punchlines. Expect Lynn to stick with the script as she’s not entirely comfortable chatting with the audience just yet.

“I don’t do a lot of crowdwork,” said Lynn. “I’m still nervous. If I do crowdwork, I might forget my set. But I’m getting better and better at it. Just let me get under my feet a few miles When you come to the show in Spokane you will see the beginning of my standup career. I am sure that I will be completely different in the future. “

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