Greater Spokane Inc .: GSI and GSVC appoint executives to meet with the Washington Tax Structure Working Group

October 26, 2021

SPOKANE- A group of business leaders originally
together in response to the COVID pandemic has continued to clash on others
Issues that matter to the community. On October 13th this group
met with the tax structure working group to find out what proposals are currently available
Be considered by the group, ask questions and provide feedback.

the Tax structure working groupFounded by lawmakers in 2017 to look into a revision of Washington state taxation, introduced four scenarios aimed at shifting (rather than increasing or decreasing) state government revenues. A bipartisan group of lawmakers, as well as representatives from the Treasury, the governorate and local governments, held public meetings to put the proposals together. The group is currently running outreach groups across the country in the form of outreach meetings and townhalls.

The Tax Townhall for the “East” region to which Spokane belongs, took place in September and contained public contributions and background information on various types of taxes as well as an overview of the work of the working group. During the outreach meeting with GSI, the working group presented the four proposals that are currently considered to be the starting point for the group:

The task force continues to encourage public and business contributions to the way taxes are collected in Washington, and our state tax structure profoundly affects communities like ours that border other states. If you want to contribute, you can Complete your survey and call or email Jake Mayson, Director of Public Policy at GSI: [email protected] (509) 123-3625

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