Alleged getaway driver Jalen Everett arrested in Fayetteville homicide

A second man was arrested in a fatal October 17th shooting outside a Caribbean restaurant in Fayetteville on Friday, court documents show.

Laurinburg’s Jalen Rashad Everett, 26, is charged with aiding and abetting first degree murder in the murder of Bruce McLeod, 33, and the shooting of Gavin Hale, 33, outside the Island Flava Restaurant & Lounge on Owen Drive.

On Thursday, Cornelius Magnus Davis Jr., 33, of Laurinburg was arrested and charged with first degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon in the shooting.

The indictment claims that Everett arranged a getaway vehicle after Davis shot McLeod and Hale.

The shooting came after Davis and McLeod had an argument in the parking lot at around 3:09 a.m. when people were leaving the restaurant, the fight broke off in the restaurant.

Davis then allegedly left the parking lot in a black Cadillac Escalade with Everett in the passenger seat, the document says.

McLeod, Hale, and some of their friends were walking away from the restaurant toward Black’s Tire & Auto Service on Bordeuax Park Drive, where their vehicle was parked when Davis blocked their way with the Escalade, the document says.

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McLeod and Hale approached the vehicle unarmed, the document says, and Hale asked Davis why he hit McLeod in the restaurant parking lot during the argument.

Davis then allegedly lifted a gun from his lap and fired twice, the document says, McLeod was hit in the chest and Hale in the right arm.

McLeod was pronounced dead at the scene.

The document claims that Everett sent his location to a friend after the shooting and arranged for her to change vehicles with him and Davis.

The friend met Everett and Davis and gave them their 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix when they drove off in the Escalade, the document says.

The Escalade was recovered by police when the woman was stopped near the crime scene with another woman in the vehicle, the document says.

Everett and Davis are both being held in Cumberland County Jail. Everett has bail for $ 280,000 and Davis has bail for $ 1,020,000, according to prison records.

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