Gabe Everett from NZ indie pop duo Foley training to become a COVID-19 vaccinator

“Vaccinating is one of the things that you can definitely do for yourself – of course you are doing it for your whānau and your family and everyone else, but you can take that step and get vaccinated and that is a contribution to the country too I think that’s pretty cool, “he said.

Everett said he was doing “COVID-specific training” in addition to his pre-existing medical qualifications, stating that “anyone who gives you a vaccine is well trained and knows exactly what they’re doing.”

When asked what his message was for people who have remained reluctant to vaccinate, Everett said, “It’s the only thing you can do to protect yourself, and that comes first because when you are protected, someone else is going to be protected too and they won’t end up in the hospital, they won’t get seriously ill. ”

“It’s like that when you’re on a plane they say, ‘Put your mask on before you help others’.

Over the weekend, Aotearoa celebrated its best day ever for daily doses of the COVID-19 vaccination with nearly 130,000 vaccinations on Super Saturday.

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