Everett leads US in new apartment sizes, study says

These new apartments are on average “one home office” larger than those built in previous years.

EVERETT, Washington – A new study shows an unexpected side effect of the pandemic.

New home square footage appears to be growing in the US, and Everett is leading the way.

This study by Rent Café and Yardi Matrix, a market research company, shows that these new apartments are on average “home office” larger than those built in previous years.

The study looked at 96 cities across the country and found that Everett had the most growth, averaging 267 square feet.

The growth in square footage is related to the pandemic.

“With the ability to work from home, it changes the configuration of apartments themselves. As in our situation, you want a quiet place to hold your meetings, to have a chat. You don’t want the pets to come in or the kids to come in, stuff like that. They want to be able to adjust to that, ”said Doug Ressler of Yardi Matrix.

Why is this happening in Everett?

According to the Yardi Matrix, it has to do with location. Many people move from the big cities to smaller, more affordable ones nearby.

“What we see with increasing size, we call excerpts. The boundaries between the suburbs and the city centers. Especially these areas like Everett, Washington, if you will, ”explained Ressler.

The study shows that in large cities such as Seattle and San Francisco, for example, there is no space for building larger apartments in more densely populated areas, but that there is often more high-tech equipment.

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