The Family Chantel: When Season 3 Was Filmed

Chantel and Co. are back for season 3 of The Family Chantel on TLC. Discover when the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show was filmed by the cast.

The Chantel family Season 3 aired its premiere episode on October 11, after a 10-month hiatus since the season two finale in December. Chantel and Pedro Jimeno are back to lead the Everett and Jimeno families in their drama and conflict. However, many viewers are curious whether the drama played on the screen took place recently or was in fact filmed some time ago. Discover what there is to know about The Family Chantel’s schedule for Season 3.

When The Family Chantel’s second season ended, Angenette and Royal Everett got married on the 90-day fiancé spin-off show. Chantel and her mother, Karen Everett, led the Everett family to be rude and rude to Angenette. At the beginning of season three, Angenette and Royal still refused to speak to Karen or anyone in the Everett family after their bad behavior. Karen stated in the season three premiere that several months had passed since the wedding and that Angenette and Royal had not yet contacted her or accepted her attempts to contact her.

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Although the Angenette and Royal wedding aired in December 2020, it is likely that the actual event took place earlier. However, as of December 2020, Angenette only has photos from the wedding on her Instagram account @angenette_wylie. While this move is likely due to contract issues, Season 3 will still be filming for several months after December. A fan announced in late March, three and a half months after Season 2 ended, that filming for Season 3 was officially in production. The news was confirmed by the Georgia Film Office and the Georgia official website at the time, which means that filming for season 3 of The Family Chantel definitely took place seven months ago.

What does it mean that it was so long ago filming for season three? Well, the drama that’s unfolding on the screen may already be resolved in real life. The shooting schedule isn’t uncommon for reality TV or the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, however. Many franchise shows film many months before they air. The performers are then contractually obliged to keep important plot points secret, especially on social media. There is also evidence that The Family Chantel’s third season was actually filmed many months before March. In the first episode of season three, Karen said she hadn’t seen Angenette and Royal in months. However, the couple were photographed at Karen’s birthday party in February 2021. As a result, Karen was either dishonest in the premiere episode or the filming took place many months back.

Although Royal and Angenette dominated season two with their drama, the couple have ended their run on reality TV. Angenette is currently expecting her first child with Royal despite the worrying way he has treated her. Family Chantel fans are excited to see Angenette appear healthy and radiant away from her controlling in-laws. Although many of Everett and Jimeno’s family members had villainous and dramatic moments, many viewers consider the haughty mother Karen to be the worst offender The Chantel family.

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