100 years ago in Spokane: Prosecutors were considering ditching Mrs. Corbin in the arson trial, and the story of Freckles, the orphan, made hearts warm

The district attorney indicated that he is considering an arson trial against Anna Corbin, widow of Spokane railroad magnate DC Corbin.

“I have not yet recovered from the shock I received when the jury yesterday announced the verdict in which (Louis) Lilge was found not guilty,” said prosecutor WC Meyer. “I’m investigating the case against Mrs. Corbin to see if there is enough evidence to warrant hope of conviction. If I decide that there is no prospect of Ms. Corbin being convicted, I will submit an affidavit stating the reasons and request her release. “

Corbin had previously confessed to having planned a plan with Lilge, her caretaker, to burn down her landmark.

But if a jury didn’t convict Lilge, who was charged with starting the fire, was it likely that they would convict Corbin?

Her trial was scheduled for a week.

From the orphan beat: The Spokane Daily Chronicle drew to the hearts of its readers with a story about Kenneth “Freckles” Shelby, 12.

He and several other orphans from the Washington Children’s Home Finding Society went to the swimming pool on Mission Avenue.

“Come on, kids,” Freckles called. “It will be a lot of fun!”

However, when they got to the pool, they were refused entry because they did not have swimsuits. All they had was their normal overalls.

The Chronicle promoted buying swimsuits for the kids.

But some readers went further. Several families offered to take in freckles.

Indeed, Freckles could “practically make his choice.”

He chose a home in “the country of wheat, near a river, where he can fish, swim, work and go to school – just as he dreamed and wished”.

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