Workforce Wednesday – Next Generation Zone

Next Generation Zone, Spokane County’s only youth and young adult education and training center, provides education, career skills training, employment, and community resources to those ages 16-24. Next Generation Zone seeks to explore, inspire, and motivate the skills and interests of young adults and provide exposure to the world of work. The focus of providing education and preparing the emerging workforce for the jobs of tomorrow is the top priority.

The center features a newly remodeled classroom where students can obtain their GED alongside other students in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. Each year a graduation is held to celebrate the resilience and determination each student has shown in completing their high school equivalency.

Career opportunities for youth and young adults include the 21st Century Skills Academy where one can learn skills such as creating a résumé, interviewing, budgeting, financial literacy, digital literacy and more. Students are shown career paths such as short-term training and certifications or apprenticeships. The center hosts exclusive hiring and networking events, giving attendees the opportunity to meet with local businesses.

As a one stop center, Next Generation Zone is prepared to continue supporting young adults as they move forward to further their education or enter the workforce. Visit Next Generation Zone’s website to learn more about these no-cost services for young adults and how a young adult or business can get involved.