Woman pulls gun on black family during confrontation in Washington Mall

A woman was filmed aiming her gun at a black family during a confrontation in a mall in Vancouver, Washington.

According to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the incident took place at the Vancouver Mall on Wednesday and the two families have a history of conflict.

As reported by The Colombian, the woman who videotaped a firearm told police that she was defending her teenage daughters during the confrontation.

Another video shows teenagers from both families yelling at each other as the woman pulls out the gun from the family, who are Black.

Both videos were shared on Twitter by Ryan Shields, who wrote, “This woman pulled her gun in a hat shop owned by Lids. The children went in front of the gun. ”

He added, “She aimed the gun at a group of black teenagers. About the children who argue? “

According to the Vancouver Mall, security officers showed up within 20 seconds of the incident and were able to separate the families, The Colombian reported.

The VPD also referred charges of showing a gun against the woman in the video to the Vancouver City Prosecutor.

One of the videos first shared to TikTok by “Theo” attracted more than 48 million views.

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