Winterhawks’ comeback hands Everett first loss

A miracle game. The Portland Winterhawks, who had a 3-game losing streak, were 3-0 down after a third and were beaten 15-1 against the undefeated Everett Silvertips on Friday night at the Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett, Washington. They brought back one in 2nd place and then scored two goals in the final 5:04 to level the game. They survived a penalty and a 7-0 deficit in extra time, then Cross Hanas’s goal was the only goal in the penalty shoot-out and they won 4-3.

Why the Winterhawks won: The turnaround in 2nd and 3rd place. While some of them have three Everett power plays in the 1st game. But after 15: 1 in the first third, Portland overtook Everett in the second and third third with 26:17.

Why the Winterhawks won: Dante Giannuzzi. It could have been drawn by three goals after the first period, except that it was drawn after the first period in the previous game against Seattle on Wednesday. He spun it in the 2nd and 3rd round and then was spectacular in extra time, making several spectacular saves out of his seven saves. Then he stopped all three of them in the shooting.

Why the Winterhawks won: Special teams. After the Winterhawks did without two power play goals in the first, they stopped Everett’s last six power plays. The big ones were a Kurtis Smythe Double Minor early in the 2nd who switched swing and the overtime penalty where Everett should have won the game.

Why the Winterhawks Won: Some great games from their veterans. Cross Hanas had the first goal of the game, primary assists on the other two goals and the winner on penalties. Tyson Kozak had a second big game in a row with a goal and assist. Clay Hanus scored the tie and a power play template.

Why the Silvertips lost: Penalty. Seven power plays in the last two periods that got Portland going and two power play goals. The key was a late high-sticking double minor for Ben Hemmerling that resulted in Portland cutting the lead to 3-2 and setting the stage for their late attack to level the game.

Why the Silvertips lost: The offense dried up after the 1st at least until overtime. Alex Swetlikoff and Jackson Berezowski, with 10 goals between them but unsustainable save percentages, were goalless with 3 shots each, so they may get back on the field. Nevertheless, they deserved the win in extra time, because in addition to the spectacular saves by Giannuzzi they hit the bar three times.

What it means: Definitely a game the Winterhawks needed a lot more than the Silvertips as they are going to British Columbia for the next three games and will likely be the underdog for the next four. This will take off a little from the edge. You haven’t found a good path to victory yet. You’ve stuck yourself in holes far too often. But collecting the points until they figure it out is good.

What it means: The silver tips would probably consider it a slip up. I would be a little worried about their goals. You’re at Spokane for three games in a row, so this will be a test.

9:13 EVT Hunter Campbell (Jackson Berezowski, Jonny Lambos) 0-1

14:49 EVT (pp) Ronan Seeley (Michal Gut, Olen Zellweger) 0-2

15:51 EVT (pp) Dylan Anderson (Aidan Sutter, Niko Huuhtanen) 0-3

33:05 POR (pp) Cross Hanas (Tyson Kozak, James Stefan) 1-3

54:54 POR (pp) Tyson Kozak (Cross Hanas, Clay Hanus) 2-3

58:37 POR Clay Hanus (Cross Hanas, Jonas Brøndberg) 3-3

Wednesday in Kamloops, 7 p.m.

Friday in Kelowna, 7 p.m.

next Saturday in Vancouver, 7pm

next home game: Tuesday, November 16 vs. Everett, 7 p.m.

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