West Seattle Blog… | BIZNOTE: ‘Sneak peek’ day for Ezell’s Famous Chicken in West Seattle

(WSB photos)

Ezell’s famous chicken CEO and Co-Founder Lewis Rudd is at Morgan Junction’s new location today when they open their doors – for short – for a “sneak peek” from the community.

It has been almost a year since we spread the word about an early application to move Ezell to what was then an AT&T store. Then last month the signs came up. And now they’re almost ready to open – so do a test run, sell groceries until about 4pm today (or until they’re sold out).

This is the manager of the West Seattle restaurant Kristy – You and your team have to keep working on the logistics, so Ezell tells us that the store looks ready to go, but won’t officially open for a few weeks (no official date set yet).

Ezell’s is a 37 year old Seattle based company with 17 locations in Washington and Oregon – this one (southeast corner of California / Fauntleroy) will be its 18th. Here’s what they serve.