Tourists admire Vermont’s famous fall foliage

BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) – Green Mountain State is awash in red, orange, and yellow, and that brings leaf scouts from near and far.

“The hills here with all the fall foliage are just phenomenal,” said Nancy Pechman of Vancouver, Washington.

Pechman did the cross-country hike with her husband from Washington State.

“My husband has never been to Vermont. I’ve been here on business in the past. We wanted to see the fall foliage and celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary here, ”she said.

The colors vary. Something Patty Ryan, a Vermont girl, says is a sign.

“It’s a little late, the foliage, and like you said, it’s half colored, half green. But its nice. I like the difference, the variance in it, ”said Ryan.

And if you don’t like the colors here, just look over the hill.

While the buses are unloading and taking photos, others take the opportunity for a more holistic approach.

“Right now here is always the best time to be mindful. So are we. Everyone is happy in Vermont because it’s so beautiful, ”said Frankie Bors, a tourist.

“What a nice, relaxing way to get away from work and just enjoy the scenery,” said Pechman.

Other leaf scouts I spoke to on Friday told me that they know the colors won’t be around for long, but they are grateful for the opportunity to take it all in while they can.

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