‘The Family Chantel’: Winter Everett Unveils New Look On Instagram

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‘The Family Chantel’ spoilers suggest Winter Everett is taking new risks with fashion and beauty. After losing weight, she started doing brand sponsorship. Fans can’t get past her latest look as she keeps things natural.

‘The Family Chantel’: Winter’s new IG photo

Winter Everett started her fitness journey earlier this year when she turned to design. She has been open with her followers and shared with them how she goes to the gym and sheds pounds. Meanwhile, on the show, she struggles with friction between her mother Karen and boyfriend Jah.

‘The Family Song’: Winter Everett reveals new look on Instagram

Karen and her sister Chantel are against Jah after discovering he hid his son from before Winter for over half a decade, but Winter seems to want things to work for him despite the deception.

Winter posted a picture of herself wearing a blue sweatshirt, red glasses and full, natural hair. She captioned the picture with “Big hair doesn’t matter!” As always, her younger brother River commented: “Blue is my favorite color, although okkkk 🔥🔥” and wrote in another comment: “My hair is better!” Fans know that Winter and River have a very sweet sibling connection.

‘The Family Song’: Winter Everett shows a new look

The Family Chantel star has been rocking either a sleek bob or short curls lately, but recently she revealed a new style when she sported a long, blonde wig. Winter seems to be trying out new looks. She wore the wig on Halloween when she showed off her slimmed-down figure in a mermaid costume at a party.

Fans love the style development of winter and praised their natural curls. One fan commented: “Natural beauty 💎✨” and another wrote “Rock it sis!”

The Chantel family bring a lot of drama to the show, but fans love winter, and they love it even more after sharing their fitness journey. Unfortunately, she has to deal with the fact that her mother and sister are frustrating their friend Jah.

They were hostile to him when he accompanied them on a family outing. Her mother, sister and mother are not happy that she converted to his Nazarene faith.

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