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WSU students share their Thanksgiving plans and opinions on the Worst Thanksgiving Dish


Second year Emilee Rodriguez (left) and Conner Crosby (right) share their thoughts on the worst Thanksgiving dish on November 16 outside the Compton Union Building in Pullman.

Thanksgiving break begins next week, and many WSU Pullman students plan to head home to spend the holidays with friends and family.

Thanksgiving break means Thanksgiving dinner is on the horizon. Whenever there is so much food in one place, there are bound to be some unsavory dishes on the table.

But what’s the most overrated Thanksgiving dish of all? WSU students fade away.

Athletic training freshman JaLynn Williams said she will be returning to Dupont, Washington Spending time with their family. As WSU cheerleader, she will also be cheering for the Apple Cup next Friday.

“I’d say the most overrated Thanksgiving meal is ham; it’s a little dry sometimes, “said Williams.

Avery Ritter, junior landscape architecture major, said he would be heading to Bellingham, Washington to visit friends and then return home to Olympia to spend the rest of the break with his parents.

“Whatever that cranberry product is, it’s Thanksgiving worst,” said Ritter. “I don’t know what it is, but I’m not in it.”

Emilee Rodriguez in her sophomore year and Conner Crosby are both members of the WSU marching band. They said they were very excited to be performing at the Apple Cup.

“I think the most overrated food is turkey,” Rodriquez said. “It’s always so dry; it never tastes good. “

Crosby, who plays the trumpet, said he will be able to spend some time at his Vancouver, Washington home, but much of his time will be devoted to branding practice ahead of the Apple Cup.

Megan Conroy, a sophomore grade school teacher, said she will fly to Oregon, where her family recently moved, and spend time with her cousins ​​and family during the break.

Conroy said her least favorite Thanksgiving meal was sweet potatoes.

“I love mashed potatoes, and potatoes will always be great,” said Conroy. “But I just think that’s how sweet potatoes are, not it.”

Chloe Woodward, a sophomore student, travels home to Kent, Washington. to see her newly renovated house that her mother and boyfriend worked on while Woodward was away.

“We celebrate in the house with the people who worked on it, just something that is fun in our newly remodeled house,” she said.

As for Woodward’s least popular Thanksgiving meal, she said it had to be filling.

“I think the filling is kind of gross. You have to do it right or it sucks, ”said Woodward.

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