Spokane Valley woman arrested after telling Sacred Heart staff ‘I might come in there shooting’

Aug. 30—A Spokane Valley woman was arrested on suspicion of felony harassment last week after she allegedly left a voicemail threatening to shoot people at Sacred Heart Hospital and then arrived at the hospital with a loaded handgun, according to a search warrant document.

Madelyn Wilson, 73, was booked into jail on Aug. 24 but was released by the courts the next day on her own recognition, said Spokane Police Department spokesman Cpl. Nick Briggs.

According to a search warrant document, Wilson called the hospital the morning of Aug. 24 and threatened to “come in there shooting” if an apparent amputation surgery for her husband wasn’t cancelled.

In the voicemail, Wilson expressed frustration about an amputation of her husband’s toe had been changed to the amputation of his entire foot.

“That’s not happening. I am canceling that surgery. I am taking my husband up out of there,” she said, according to court documents. “I’m not authorizing no surgery to cut off his leg. Y’all can go straight to hell with that one.”

Wilson also expressed frustration in the voicemail and later to police that she had not been kept informed about her husband’s status.

“I’m on my way up there with my gun. I might come in there shooting, I don’t know yet,” she said in the voicemail.

She also mentioned specific staff members in the voicemail, but did not specifically threaten them.

A security guard was told to be on the lookout for Wilson. The security guard stopped her and took a .38 caliber handgun from her purse when she arrived at the hospital’s fifth floor.

Wilson told the police that she forgot she had it with her when she arrived at the hospital and that she carried it for protection.