Spokane health worker Andie Daisley writes about Covid and grief

Hear Andie Daisley read her poem aloud.

Two weeks ago the Spokesman Review published a poem by Andie Daisley. She is a child life specialist for Providence at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane. She helps children and families in the hospital to come to terms with their grief.

The response to the poem was strong and positive and Andie agreed to come to our studio to read it.

Andie Daisley doesn’t consider herself a poet, but one day in the hospital towards the end of a shift she felt the need to open the notes area on her phone and express what she was feeling on it.

After recording the poem, she told SPR’s Verne Windham and Jennifer Roseman that Covid had dominated their work for the past two years. And she talked about what she did so it wouldn’t overwhelm her.

Andie Daisley talks about working with children to help them grieve.

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